From the 100th Anniversary of the Republic, Into the New Century of Technology


As AKINROBOTICS, we have taken a significant step towards realizing the visions we aim to achieve in the 100th year of our Republic.


Dear INOVAX Readers,

It is a source of great happiness for me to adress you from these lines and to share how valuable and full 2023 has been for us.

In the AKINSOFT family, every step we have taken since the beginning of last year has made each subsequent one even more meaningful. Guided by our visions, we take pride in progressing along the path we planned together.

Vision means not only setting a target but also moving forward with determination on the path drawn to achieve that goal.

As I stated exactly 28 years ago ''We do not do dream, we do plan''. These words reflect the values we carry from the past to the present and our understanding of setting our future goals.

It is really hard to describe the happiness I feel in realizing the visions I set out step by step on this journey that I started many years ago. However, the point we have reached on this road, filled with difficulties and marked by overcoming every obstacle and challenge, offers us a great source of satisfaction and pride.



We Continue To Be A Leader In Education


I am happy to bring you together with an exciting development. As AKINROBOTICS, we have taken an important step to realise our visions that we aim to achieve in the 100th year of our Republic.

In this context, we opened the Artificial Intelligence and Robtics Technologies Master's Programme with the cooperation between Bahcesehir University and AKINROBOTICS.


This cooperation has materialized concretely with AKINROBOTICS and Bahcesehir University Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Technologies Master's Program that we launched in 2023.

We are excited to announce that this master's program will be implemented as a thesis program supported by expert AKINROBOTICS engineers. The program will offer students a broad perspective

with courses taught entirely in English.

With the experienced staff of AKINROBOTICS and AKINSOFT, our students will receive comprehensive training in the fields of advanced robotics, artificial intelligence data learning, mechanical production methods, interface software skills and embedded software, which form the basis of artificial intelligence and robotics technologies. Aiming to keep pace with future technological trends, this program will also continue in majors such as Big Data and Data Mining, Blockhain Engineering, Metaverse Engineering, Cyber Security Engineering, Metallurgy and Materials Science, Space Sciences and Technologies. Our students who successfully complete their education will have the opportunity to join the AKINROBOTICS family and continue their careers within the company. In addition, they will find a spot in the business world as recognised and preferred.



As AKINROBOTICS, once again, we will pioneer in Turkey by establishing the Artificial Intelligence and Robotics R&D Center in partnership with Haliç University. Through internship and certification programs, we will provide students with career opportunities in Turkey.

In this context students who will be selected among those who successfully complete the projects they have developed by receiving scholarships will have the opportunity to do intership in Istanbul during the year and AKINROBOTICS robotics factory during the summer months with contributions of Haliç University. In this way, young people who want to progress in the field of artificial intelligence and robotics will be provided with academic and professional support.

The scholarship to be provided within the scope of the cooperation is also of great importance as Türkiye's first "Academic Artificial Intelligence and Robotics Scholarship".



We Came Together for the 19th Time with Our Solution Partners at the Bonus Term Award Ceremony

AKINSOFT, as a company catching attention with its achievements in the field of informatics and robotic technology, has proven itself both domestically and internationally.

19th Bonus and 3rd Global Bonus Term Award Presentation ceremony was one of the significant organizations where we brought together our solution partners who stand out with their success in our company.

In the event organized with a holiday concept, our solution partners in Turkey and our global solution partners from around the world came together in fun activities and their achievements throughout the year were rewarded. At our event, we had the opportunity to inform our solution partners about the important projects of AKINROBOTICS and highlight the 28 years of history and achievements of AKINSOFT."


We celebrated the 100th anniversary of our Republic with great enthusiasm at AKINROBOTICS Humanoid Robot Factory. As AKINROBOTICS, we continue to be the pride of Turkey with our contributions to science and high technology. We crowned this special day with the introduction of the newest member of the ADA Series, the Social Robot ADA-7.

Our guests watched ADA-7's high level features such as advanced artificial intelligence technology, emotion analysis and face detection. This event continued with the capsule opening ceremony organized within the scope of 2023 visions. We were moved by the hopeful and beautiful messages left for the future, that were placed in capsules four years ago. As members of the protocol and the AKINROBOTICS family, we take pride in celebrating that meaningful day. As AKINROBOTICS we are determined to uphold our commitment to high technology and move forward with new projects on behalf of the science and humanity. In the future, we will continue with innovation and technlogy to create value in our country and in the world.


Istanbul Robot Museum was opened in late 2022 as a first in the world. Our Istanbul Robot Museum, where the works of AKINROBOTICS over a span of 14 years and first examples of Turkey's humanoid robots are exhitibted, has achieved great success by hosting more than 25 thousand visitors in 2023.

Introducing more than 8000 items to the visitors, Istanbul Robot Museum also offers them an opportunity to interact with the latest versions of ADA-7, Mini Ada and Arat.

The Istanbul Robot Museum, which is the center of attention for technology enthusiasts, continues to provide its visitors with a different experience from classical museums by bringing a technological perspective to the museum concept, with new interaction areas added during the improvement process between October 30 and November 8.

Hello to the New Century of the Technology

During 2023, as AKINSOFT and AKINROBOTICS, we continued our work with this awareness and dedication in all our fields of activity. We are proud to accomplish every one of our visions that we set in the first days of our establishment. In 2023, we view our achievements as a source of motivation, and guided by these accomplishments, we enter 2024, the new century of our Republic, with hope and excitement. We will continue to serve humanity with our new projects in line with our principles and visions. As we say goodbye to 2023, we reiterate our belief that we will achieve greater success together with the joy and enthusiasm of saying  Hello to 2024. We wish you health, happiness and success in the New Year.

Özgür AKIN, PhD
Chairman of the Board of Directors